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Presented by:
Ian C. Rusk, ASA, CM&AA, Managing Principal, ROG+Partners, LLC
Andrew D. Mendelson, FAIA, Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Management Officer, Berkley Design Professional

Tuesday, February 9, 2021
10:00 am – 11:30 am Pacific Daylight Time
Berkley DP policyholders who participate in this program can qualify for a 15% Risk Management Education credit. Contact your agent for further information*

Principals of architectural and engineering firms invest significant personal, professional, and financial resources to establish, develop, and expand their firms. It’s not surprising that profitability at the project level is necessary for your firm’s overall financial success and ability to invest in personnel, quality management standards, and technology that will sustain the firm over the long term.

Profitability and sound financial management are key to creating value of your firm. Beginning with a culture that includes focus on responsible and profitable performance, your firm’s strategic plan can guide the development of high-value specialties and a strong market presence in order to thrive and endure as a business.

Presented by Ian C. Rusk, Managing Principal of Rusk O’Brien Gido, and Berkley DP’s Chief Risk Management Officer Andy Mendelson, this program will help you understand the strategic, organizational, and management principles and actions that enable profitable performance and value creation. You’ll also learn about the Key Performance indicators (KPIs) of historical operating and balance sheet metrics, as well as predictive (forward looking) metrics and other factors that can improve firm value.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Understand firm strategy, culture, and operational approach to establish market presence and promote successful business practice.
  • Examine elements impacting profit/loss on projects, such as contract issues, project and process management, and client factors.
  • Analyze firm-level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of historical operating metrics, balance sheet metrics, and predictive metrics.
  • Review other factors that impact firm value, including market presence, leadership, and ownership succession.
  • And more…

*Each policy year, firms that participate in one or more Berkley DP education programs qualify for a single 15% risk management education credit that will be included in rating and reflected in the firm’s next policy quotation. Please note that the education credit opportunity applies only to primary policies; excess policies are not eligible.