Coverages Overview

Better By Design®

Being Better By Design® means Berkley Design Professional provides state-of-the-art professional liability insurance to meet the needs of design firms of all sizes and disciplines. We are solely dedicated to the architects and engineers industry with the autonomy to make decisions and act quickly to serve our clients.

Better By Design® means:

  • Experienced underwriters, empowered to create coverage solutions
  • Real-world risk management education and resources, developed and delivered by seasoned design industry practitioners and professional liability insurance specialists
  • Claims professionals who advocate for and protect our policyholders and their deductibles

Our policyholders can become better businesses by leveraging our comprehensive coverage, innovative risk management solutions and fair and experienced claim services.


Our coverage solutions address the professional liability insurance needs of design firms.

We continue to listen to our retail broker-partners and our policyholders for new coverage ideas that enable our policyholders to be Better By Design®.

Select one of the following options to learn more about our products:

BDP Express

  • For firms with $2 million or less in revenue
  • Limits of Liability up to $3 million
  • Learn about the BDP Express Portal

BDP Prime

  • Limits of Liability up to $10 million

BDP Excess

  • For firms with excess professional liability insurance needs
  • Limits of Liability up to $10 million

Per Primary Project Limits

  • For firms with annual revenues of $15 million or less and who otherwise qualify
  • Limits up to $1 million for every project a firm has designed since its retroactive date and to which coverage applies

Products and services are provided by one or more of insurance company subsidiaries of W. R. Berkley Corporation. Not all products and services are available in every jurisdiction, and the precise coverage afforded by any insurer is subject to the actual terms and conditions of the policies as issued.