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From Scope Creep to Profitability: Managing Change, Risk, and Client Expectations

Presented by: Andrew D. Mendelson, FAIA, Senior Vice President, Chief Risk Management Officer

Monday, October 29, 2018, 3:45 pm

From Scope Creep to Profitability: Managing Change, Risk, and Your Client’s Expectations Change challenges the basic premise of project management: the control of resources to meet a certain objective by a specific date within a finite budget. Scope creep happens when there is an expansion of services provided without a corresponding increase in the design professional’s fees or recognition of additional risk exposure. The good news is that while change is inevitable, scope creep is not. This workshop will help you learn the triggers for change and how to manage the change process to prevent claims, maintain your client relationships, and stay profitable.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize that concise definition of scope of project and services is a critical component of contract administration
  2. Identify potential risks in reduction of professional services in construction documents and construction administration, as well as increased risk exposure due to expanded scopes of service.
  3. Learn strategies to identify and control modifications to construction systems, material and products through effective change management
  4. Learn how to manage the implications of change through proactive communication and documentation